Best Activities for Families in Ankara

Best Activities for Families in Ankara
AnkraTurkeyDotCom Staff June 24, 2017

If you are visiting Ankara with your family, you will be pleased to find things in this city designed to give you the perfect time.

If you are visiting Ankara with your family, you will be pleased to find things in this city designed to give you the perfect time. In addition to the numerous parks, there are several sights to see and restaurants to visit, making it a popular tourist destination. 
Here are some of the best activities for families visiting Ankara:

1. Relax at the Anfa Altin Park

Set in a large lush green area, Altinpark is a perfect park for families. It has carriages, trains, pedalo and various other activities that you can enjoy along the beauty of the magnificent lake. There are trains pulled by tractors in the park, horse-drawn carriages and a small set of mesmerizing rose gardens where you can escape for a relaxing evening. Many Turkish, Italian and Chinese restaurants are also present here. 
It is open 24 hours a day so you can enjoy the bounties without having to worry about going back. 

2. Visit the Museum Of Anatolian Civilization

The Anatolian Civilization Museum was awarded the title of ‘Museum of the Year’ in Europe and has a vast collection, including artifacts from Copper-Stone Age, Old Bronze Age and the Late Hittite Kingdom. It has a unique collection exhibited in chronological order of the Ottoman period starting from Paleolithic times. Today, it is used as an administrative building, houses work rooms, library, lab, workshop and conference hall. 
There are numerous exhibits of Anatolian archeology all year round where you can not only learn about ancient history, but also collect amazing mementos at their old bazaar. They also have a fascinating coin collection that dates back to the first minted coin up to the modern ones. It is your perfect chance to visit rare cultural treasures of Ankara with your family.

3. Let Your Spiritual Side Out at the Aslanhane Mosque

If you and your family are looking for some soul-searching and a tranquility, the Aslanhane Mosque is your spot. One of the oldest mosques in Turkey, it incorporates fragments of prehistoric stones, especially in the lower section of the magnificent brick minaret. The wooden ceiling was a part of the original building and has been preserved till date giving the mosque a breathtaking appeal. The carved and tiled ‘mihrab’, i.e. the arch, is adorned with enameled faience and minibar sculpted from cedar wood show how it’s a masterpiece of design and engineering.

4. Drop by the Kuğulu Swan Park

This park is known for being the habitat of gorgeous swans that are also Ankara’s symbol. Along with the pool at the park, there are children’s play areas and a café overseeing Atatürk Boulevard. You will find the well-known statue of Tunalı Hilmi at the entrance. It also is home to 24 species of birds, geese and ducks.  It is an epitome of natural beauty with various species of trees and shrubs beautifying the area. The park is also famous for its flora and fauna including many seasonal flowers such as lilacs that add to the beauty of the park.

5. Visit the Underwater World at the Aqua Vega under Water World

It comprises of the Aquarium and the Adrenaline World, which is one of the largest underwater worlds in Europe. Be a guest to the charming creatures of the sea and enjoy attractions like the spectacular Tunnel Aquarium, Jungle corner, Salt Cave and watch some of the most dangerous sea creatures close up in the Adrenaline world. Get ready for a unique journey that will leave you amazed at the wonders of nature!
This list of best activities for families will definitely make your family holiday better than ever.

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