Best Parks in Ankara

Best Parks in Ankara
AnkraTurkeyDotCom Staff June 25, 2017

Ankara has many beautiful parks and open spaces, most of them established in the early Republican years.

Ankara has many beautiful parks and open spaces, most of them established in the early Republican years. Ranging from small parks in the city center to larger ones in the outskirts, these green spaces are perfect for relaxing or taking an evening stroll.

Enjoy the lovely flora and fauna as you take a break from the busy urban life at these best parks in Ankara:

1. Seğmenler Park

Located in a small valley, this is a natural park in Ankara known for the statue inspired by Ankara Folklore at its entrance. It is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and invites you to enjoy the fresh air, relax or make a toast with your friends without being disturbed. Forget about all your worries as you lay on the grass, sipping a drink, watching the mesmerizing sunset. There are also kiosks in the parks with snacks and beverages. 

2. Dikmen Vadisi Park

Dikmen Vadisi Park is famous for being one of the cleanest and magnificent parks in Turkey, ranking among the best parks in Ankara. It is located in the center of Ankara and you can find various cafes and restaurants where you can take a break from running, biking or any other activity. You can enjoy the panoramic view of the scenic valley from the view terraces in the park. It is also perfect for photography especially in the evening and many wedding photo shoots have taken place here owing to the spectacular beauty of the park. If you’re in the mood for a casual stroll or a peaceful evening with nice scenery, this is the perfect spot for you.

3. Goksu Park

The Goksu Park was established in 2003 and has the distinction of becoming operational within a short span of 100 days. Most of the area is covered by the glorious pond where the Mississippi Ship and other boats operate for sightseeing purpose. There are 9 floating piers in the park along with reef beds that enhance the natural beauty of the lake. Explore the charming blend of greenery and offshore water where you can have pleasant walks. There are several restaurants close by and there is a BBQ area in the park premises as well. The park also has a cinema hall, sports hall, and children’s playground, making for many activities worth experiences.

4. Genclik Park 

The Genclik Park is one of the oldest parks in Istanbul. It literally translates to “Youth Park” since it was inaugurated on National Youth Day, 19th May. It opened up many restaurants and cafes after the recent renovation and the entertainment park has fun activities for the whole family. It is an open spot of fountains, pools, and lush greenery, combined with a basketball arena and football stadium.

Towards the southeast, there is an opera house that is worth a visit. You can enjoy the Ferris wheel and plenty of other rides at this all-in-one park that is among the best parks in Ankara.

5. Botanik Park

This park is a perfect place for relaxing during summer months and is ranked as one the prettiest parks in Ankara due to the glorious pond in the center. If you want to have a nice meal close to nature, the friendly atmosphere will make your experience perfectly enjoyable. During the evening, lights from the Atakule give the place a very romantic feel and are the perfect place if you are enthusiastic about photography as it is also popular as a wedding photography venue.

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