Best things to do for kids in Ankara

Best things to do for kids in Ankara
AnkraTurkeyDotCom STaff June 25, 2017

Traveling with children is a bit challenging, but Ankara is a city loaded with activities that are both fun and educational for adults and kids alike.

Traveling with children is a bit challenging, but Ankara is a city loaded with activities that are both fun and educational for adults and kids alike. Ranging from museums to amusement parks, Ankara has it all for a well-rounded trip that everyone can relish. 

Here are some of the best things to do for kids in Ankara will make your family trip a memorable one:

1. Discover Modern Art at the Children’s Workshops at CerModern

These are art history and art education programs that include information about art, painting and sculpting and workshops that teach everything from the basics. The aim of these workshops is to give children the freedom to express themselves and discover their hidden talents, as they understand the aesthetic values of art from their own perspective. Some of the workshops include building toy sculptures, creating 4D books and recreating paintings from famous Turkish painters!

2. Get Thrilled at the Amusement Park at GençlikParkı 

The Gençlik Parkı translates to ‘Youth Park’ is one of the oldest and most vibrant parks of Ankara which lights up in a beautiful manner, promising children and parents the time of their life. It is designed in the Western style of 30’s, which is why it still had Roman monuments at the Park. It is a green oasis in the center of Ankara that provides a nice break from the old adjacent neighborhoods with its beautiful fountains, pools, greenery, basketball arena, and football stadium. The Luna Park is the main highlight of the park where kids can enjoy thrilling rides for a dose of adrenaline for both adults and children alike. You can also go rowing or swimming in the cool waters to beat the heat of the summers for a relaxing escape and infinite leisure opportunities.

3. Relive Your Childhood at The Ankara University’s Toy Museum

This is the first and only toy museum of Turkey that was opened with the aim of preserving the toys lost during the times of social change. It has over 500 toys of all kinds made from wood, metal, porcelain, paper and much more. If you want to reconnect to your childhood or take your kids to a trip back in time, this is the perfect place. It also serves as a research and training center now. Objects collected from thegeological research will be an unusual and awe-inspiring experience for children.

4. Enjoy a Day Out At Harikalar Diyarı

It is among the biggest urban parks in Europe andcomprises of amphitheater seating, one wedding hall, three ponds, 12 movie theaters, sports complexes and children’s playground to name a few! It also has a Fairytale Island for children where animated fairytale movies are screened. Among the animation heroes in the park, Aladdin, The Smurfs, Flintstones, and Asterix are present along with many others. For kids who love sports, there is an enormous sports complex with facilities for basketball, volleyball and swimming pools that can be used by kids with disabilities as well. Kids can ride around in kayaks and paddle boats and if they get tired, they can hop on the small train for a tour of the whole area!

5. Take Over the Oven At The Little Chef’s Club

Food expert, Sima Aytemiz, gives cooking and baking courses specifically for kids at the Little Chef’s Club in Ankara. Your kids can learn how to bake, prepare cookies, cakes, and brownies. You need to book the workshop slot either on weekdays after school or over the weekends. Therefore, if you want your kids to become the next master chef, this is their chance to learn from an expert who knows very well what she’s doing!

These were few of the best things to do for kids in Ankara. They are bound to leave with memories lasting forever.

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